Counselling services for all:

Hi, thanks for visiting my website, I hope you can easily find the information you are looking for. Please let me introduce myself to you: I'm Sally-Anne, a counsellor offering professional therapy for those experiencing difficult issues and/or challenging times. I am fully qualified (FdSc) and passionate about counselling and the positive opportunities it can offer. I am here to walk alongside you, as we explore issues together that are very important to you.

Here's some of the comments I've had from clients whom I've counselled with, which may be helpful for you to hear:

"Having counselling with Sally-Anne meant I had someone I could say anything to, not holding back and having help to sort through all of the issues I've had. I've changed and grown and now feel ready to face the world."

"I never thought counselling would help me address so many aspects of my life - my experience of counselling with Sally-Anne has helped me so much!"

Life can be difficult; there may be times in your life when you could benefit from talking to a professional counsellor. Together we can explore and make sense of issues that might be stopping you from living more fully.

I understand that even thinking about seeking counselling for some people is a daunting experience. That is why I work hard to ensure that the environment in which our counselling sessions take place is somewhere you feel safe, comfortable and reassured.

I have worked successfully for many years with people online, and also face2face in the Newbury and North Hampshire areas.

I have experience in working together with clients in many areas, here are just a few:

  • Abuse                                                                  Anxiety
  • Bereavement and Loss                                       Depression
  • Eating Disorders                                                  Family Issues
  • Low Self-Confidence                                           Relationship Issues
  • Sex Addiction                                                       Stress
  • Trauma                                                                Work Related Issues

Some people are not able to meet for face-to-face counselling due to their location or other restrictions. I do offer online counselling, if you would like more information please do give me a call.

Feel free to call me for a chat about the counselling services I offer, there is no charge for an initial enquiry.